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Fic List

Organization!  I can do it!

One Shots
Sleepless (KuroxFai)
Not in Tokyo Anymore
Youth...and Obvious Inexperience (Sakura, Yuzuriha, implied KuroxFai, NSFW)
Rule Number One (KuroxFai, NSFW)
The Dress Was Just to Watch Your Neck Inflate (KuroxFai, NSFW)
A Minor Incident (KuroxFai, Voyeur!ran, NSFW)
On the Right Side of Bed (KuroxFai)
Domestic Bliss (KuroxFai, NSFW)
Untitled Smut (KuroxFai, NSFW)
Toasty (Kurogane, Fai, Syaoran, Sakura)
Kuro-newt's Excellent Adventure in Terraria (Kurogane, Fai, Syaoran, Mokona with scissors...)
Femme Fatale (Kurogane, Fai, Syaoran)
Puppy Love (Kurogane, Fai, Chrsitus Siegfried von Wan Wan III)
Ignis Fatuus (KuroxFai, Syaoran, Sakura, NSFW)
Daylight (TouyaxYukito, NSFW)
Constant (TouyaxYukito)
Fish ...Bits (KuroxFai, NSFW)
Kamui vs. The Panda (Fuuma, Watanuki)
Gin Without Tonic (Fuuma, Seishiro, Tree-san)
Cracked Eggs (Watanuki, Doumeki, "Yuuko," the Egg)
Imitation (KuroxFai, NSFW)
The Little Ninja Who Could (KuroxFai, NSFW)
WTF IS THIS?  (KuroxFaixSyaoran)
When Syaoran Ruled the Earth (KuroxFai, NSFW)
Pickles (Syaoran, Touya, Sakura)
Super Kuro 64 (Kurogane, Doumeki, Tanuki Suits)
Cold (TachibanaxSakura, NSFW)


Steam  1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9

Lovers, Fools, and Madmen (Midsummer Night's Dream AU; KuroxFai, SyaoxSaku, TouyaxYukito, DouxWata, others)
1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l 10

Something Rotten
1 l 2 l 3

Day of Our Wings: Tsubasa post-series crack.  And I mean CRACK
(KuroxFai, SyaoxSaku, DouxWata, WataxYuuko, MokoxMoko, EaglexLantis, LantisxHikaru, KakeixSaiga...and to infinity and beyond!  I may have gone a bit nuts reading CLAMP manga...)

Chapitre 1: The begining of the guilt
Chapitre 2: The price of souchu
Chapirte 3: The necessary angst
Chapitre 4: The power to chafe
Chapitre 5: The moment of fundamentalism
Chapitre 6: Strength of the heat

The Super-Special, Moderately Smutty, Extraordinarily Cracked-Out Omake

Chapitre 7: Bizzaro world
Chapitre 8: The country of hearts
Chapitre 9: Mage induced delirium
Chapitre 10: The whereabouts of Mokona

The Extra-Special, Abominably Smutty, Astoundingly Cracked-Out Omake (Part Deux)

Chapitre 11: Vampire of Angst
Chapitre 12: Proof that the world is, in fact, a celebrity skinned vampire sent to drain Teen-Spirit scented basket cases who are stuck like flies in the Vaseline - OR - The crackiest bunch of crack that ever cracked itself open across my keyboard...
Chapitre 13: The reason for the last two chapitres...
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